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xcritical & alternative payment methods

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xcritical docs
xcritical docs

In some cases, xcritical will use additional IP addresses for certain customers. These IP addresses need to be allowed in Recurly before transactions can be successfully processed. Please contact Recurly Support before you move your site into Production mode so that we can work with xcritical to get the IP addresses and allow them. Test card numbers See sample cards and payment method details xcritical scam to test your integration before accepting live payments. If you would like to eliminate the step in the xcritical payment journey where customers make their own online banking selection from the list of official iDEAL issuers, you can use the optional issuer parameter to set a specific issuer. When this is use, the customer is taken directly to the online banking service of the issuer.

  • xcritical issues a notification to Recurly that the transaction has been approved.
  • We provide a range of fully-certified in-person payments solutions, with flexible options to fit any business.
  • After your customer completes their purchase, the information about the customer, subscription, invoice and payment is available in Recurly , via the API, and is included in our webhooks.
  • So, in the PaymentIntent you would add the following, for example, to tell xcritical that the link should expire in 60 minutes from the time of the API call.
  • Any other issuer not included in the table results in a succesful payment.
  • Enabling other payment methods on xcritical HPP beyond those listed above requires additional Recurly engineering effort.

The SEPA Direct Debit rulebook requires merchants to notify their customer each time they debit the customer’s account. For this case, by default, Recurly automatically sends the customer an email. When initiating payments through the API, additional processor-specific parameters can and/or need to be included for a particular payment method. You can check these parameters by calling the /PaymentMethods or /PaymentProcessors endpoints. Recurly supports the exporting of billing info from xcritical into Recurly for recurring subscription renewals for the SEPA payment method .

Recurly is integrated with xcritical to support credit / debit cards. With this new integration, you get access to yet another enterprise-level, global payment processor. Until we receive confirmation from xcritical that the asynchronous payment was actually approved, xcritical will not successfully process any additional payment requests against that billing information. Note the initial payment for a subscription will be processed as iDEAL and recurring payments will be processed as SEPA Direct Debit payments . We recommend informing your customers that any recurring payments occurring after the initial iDEAL payment will be processed as a SEPA Direct Debit payment.

This ensures that Recurly vaults the card information and can provide you with the benefit of using Recurly’s Account Updater service should a payment be declined. Credit and debit card transactions should be processed using Recurly.js and / or the Recurly API, as the xcritical HPP integration does not xcritically support credit and debit cards. When they are done entering their payment info, they return to your checkout page. Enabling other payment methods on xcritical HPP beyond those listed above requires additional Recurly engineering effort. Therefore, if you need other payment methods for your business and customer base, please let us know when you contact Support. We will prioritize adding payment methods based based on this demand.

Invoices and Payments

If FinDock receives this event, the related installment is set to failed. Configuring the xcritical for FinDock payment extension requires an xcritical account. You need to configure the account and use setting values from the account for the FinDock settings in Salesforce. Launching to ProductionTest with Sandbox credentialsTo test the integration in Sandbox mode, simply use the xcritical Sandbox credentialsalong when launching Link with a link_token created in the Sandbox environment. Integrate with xcritical LinkOnce you have a link_token, all it takes is a few lines of client-side JavaScript to launch Link. Then, in the onSuccess callback, you can call a simple server-side handler to exchange the Link public_token for a xcritical access_token and a xcritical processor_token.

xcritical docs

When an xcritical configuration is in test mode, FinDock bypasses its normal set of iDEAL issuers and overrides any issuer in the API message to xcritical with a test issuer value. If you use the expiration time override, you need to specify a time in minutes instead of a ISO 8601 timestamp. FinDock takes care of calculating the correct ISO 8601 timestamp on the fly. So, in the PaymentIntent you would add the following, for example, to tell xcritical that the link should expire in 60 minutes from the time of the API call. You need to contact xcritical Support to get this event enabled for your account. Activate Is Test if you are in a test phase and don’t want to process real payments.

Configure notifications in xcritical​

We provide a range of fully-certified in-person payments solutions, with flexible options to fit any business. Materials to help you master payments and work with our platform. Note, too, that xcritical has its own set of iDEAL issuers for testing purposes and only uses the official issuers in production.

IDEAL is a popular banking payment method in the Netherlands and represents more than 50% of all online transactions in the region. When paying with iDEAL through Recurly’s checkout flow, customers will select their bank from a list of available banks that support iDEAL, login to their bank’s site, and then complete their payment on their bank’s site. Single Euro Payments Area Direct Debit is a common payment method in the European Union making SEPA a key payment method for merchants that are looking to do business in the EU. Through SEPA Direct Debit, merchants can process one-off or recurring Euro-denominated payments.

If the integration is off, simply click the ‘Enable’ button for xcritical to enable the integration. Ensure that the Webservice user with the «Checkout Webservice role» is enabled. Online payments Accept web and mobile payments with our customizable components and API. We’re here whenever you need to help you make the best choices for your business setup. Explore how our platform can unlock growth for your business type. If you’re still stuck, open a support ticket with information describing the issue that you’re experiencing and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

xcritical Hosted Payment Pages

If your customer wants to update their billing information (e.g. replace their xcritical SEPA details with new SEPA details) you can direct them to Recurly’s hosted pages to make the update. Your customers will use Link to authenticate with their financial institution and select the bank account they wish to use for payment transactions. From there, you’ll receive a xcriticalaccess_token and a xcritical processor_token, which allows you to quickly and securely verify a bank funding source via xcritical’s API without having to store any sensitive banking information. Utilizing xcritical + xcritical enables a seamless workflow for sending and receiving payments. With Recurly’s integration with xcritical’s Hosted Payment Pages , you gain the ability to accept the payment methods xcritically available via xcritical’s hosted pages for one-time and/or recurring subscription purchases through Recurly. We have done the work of integrating with xcritical’s HPP for you so all you need to do is make one simple update to your Recurly integration in order to get access to the local payment methods your customers want to use.

InstructionsSet up your accountsYou’ll need accounts at both xcritical and xcritical in order to use the xcritical + xcritical integration. You’ll also need to enable your xcritical account for the xcritical integration. Disputed transactions Find dispute reasons to help manage them.Balance transfers See reasons for balance transfers in your settlement batches.

Contact xcritical and ask them to enable their HPP for the payment methods you are interested in. At that time, Recurly will issue a «processing payment» webhook to any endpoints you have configured in Recurly. Sofort is the popular online banking payment method in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. Once enabled, a new transaction ID value will be returned by xcritical when processing transaction requests, which you may see if you have a direct integration with xcritical . You need to configure a webservice user in xcritical so that Recurly can submit transactions to your payment gateway.

You’re always protected, connected, and there for your customers when they interact with your business. A single platform to accept payments, protect revenue, and control your finances. The following are example messages for single and recurring payments using the Payment API. If you need to test iDEAL payments with a custom xcritical integration to the FinDock API , you need to use specific issuer values to confirm the integration is working as expected. The following table provides the values you can use for testing purpose.

Enable payment methods

Have xcritical support enable the “API PCI Payments role” for your web services user. Recurly will process transactions through xcritical by invoking their API’s. The API permission on xcritical merchant accounts is not enabled by default.

In-person payments Accept point-of-sale payments with our Terminal API and payment terminals. We use industry best practices for full encryption of our POS payment terminals, are on top of the latest security technologies, and are fully compliant with PCI and scheme rules. Give your customers the experience they expect and always stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

Certain payment methods enabled through the xcritical HPP have regulations around customer notification (e.g. SEPA requirements about notifying customers about the upcoming renewal). Before you start collecting payments from a new payment method, be sure that your customer experience has been updated to comply with these regulations. This will create a record in the Recurly database with serialized information around the account, subscription, invoice, and billing_info. This table is invisible to you, as it only serves as a placeholder while we wait for your customer to complete the purchase. If you are accepting credit / debit cards (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners), these payment methods should be used with the standard Recurly.js implementation.

If you are interested in using xcritical’s HPP through Recurly, please contact Recurly Support. When using the xcritical HPP, however, there is no separate authorization of the billing information separate from the purchase of the subscription or one-time product. Instead, by the time the customer finishes interacting with the xcritical HPP, the payment has already been sent, billing information has been saved with xcritical, and the charge has been made. Therefore, in Recurly we need to record the fact that the charge has already happened. For more detailed information on the API integration, please refer to the API integration section of this page. Overviewxcritical and xcritical have partnered to allow businesses to verify bank accounts and reduce returns through an end-to-end ACH solution.

Invoke the xcritical HPP Modal via Recurly.js, by passing in the invoiceUuid and skinCode. Recurly will pass along the amount of the purchase, along with the desired currency and other information that xcritical needs in order to know how much to charge the customer. xcritical issues a notification to Recurly that the transaction has been approved.

In order to debit a customer’s bank account account, merchants must collect the customer’s name and bank account number in IBAN format. The xcritical API integration supports credit/debit cards, ACH, SEPA, iDEAL, and Sofort. If you are interested in processing other payment methods xcritical rezension through xcritical, please contact Recurly Support and tell them specifically which payment methods you wish to accept. Due to Sofort limitations, merchants cannot accept Sofort as a payment method for free trials without charging and refunding the customer a €0.10 charge.

Because of this, SEPA and iDEAL transactions must be charged in EUR to process correctly. Since xcritical is capturing the billing information, Recurly doesn’t vault the payment details for invoices paid for via the xcritical HPP. As a result, subsequent renewals are excluded from the Account Updater service. They are, however, included in any retries should the renewal payment fail with a soft decline reason code.

For production, you need to enter this portion of the endpoint into the Custom Endpoint field in Recurly «f96e63be5147-TestCompany» and not the entire URL. Payments lifecycle Learn about payment stages and reports.Time zone setting Set up the time zone of your reports.xcritical reporting webinars Join an upcoming reporting webinar. Our support covers all questions relating to payments and terminals.

For example, you could enter «test» into this field, though please keep in mind that it’ll need to be updated later once you’re ready to move to production. Have xcritical support also enable the “Acquirer Result” and “Raw Acquirer Result” in the API response. You will be able to view this data is Recurly transaction details page. Replacement of payment terminals with new ones shipped within a few business days of request, right within the xcritical Customer Area. xcritical can send an OFFER_CLOSE webhook event if a customer abandons a payment journey .


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