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Profitably Using Generative AI ChatGPT As Your Stock Trading Advisor, Albeit With AI Ethics Cautionary Caveats In Mind

By noviembre 22, 2021agosto 17th, 2023FinTech

I’ve so far emphasized the use of headlines for undertaking sentiment analysis. Those are again text-oriented and therefore readily examined via generative AI such as ChatGPT. I’d like to add that there are a lot of generative AI apps these days and you don’t need to confine yourself to only using ChatGPT. I am mainly mentioning ChatGPT because it is widely and wildly popular, said to be the 600-pound gorilla of modern-day generative AI. In today’s column, I will focus on how generative AI is being used to predict stock prices.

  • Another application of AI in managing portfolios is the introduction of AI Advisors as stock pickers to replace human advisors in actively managed equity funds.
  • Through its 2017 acquisition of Neurensic, Trading Technologies has an AI platform that identifies complex trading patterns on a massive scale across multiple markets in real-time.
  • The intuitive interface connects you to different data vendors and supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and many other coins.
  • Returns will vary, and all investments carry risks, including loss of principal.
  • Our expert developers deliver supportable and maintainable code for companies of all sizes.

In the high-tech world, with everyday disruptive innovations presented to humankind, one may find it hard to keep pace with the changes. But to remain competitive, people should embrace new technological products, especially if they promise good returns. In 2020, over $32 trillion of global equity are being traded worldwide, compared to a bit more than $25 trillion in 2009. Only the U.S. stock exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ account for 39% of the global stock market value, with their market capitalization exceeding $31 trillion altogether. Everyone wants to get a share of that delicious financial pie, but is it possible to earn on stock trading without specialized knowledge and years of experience? We also cover the threats of over-reliance on AI and explain the limitations of this technology in prediction accuracy.

Can I use AI for stock trading?

AI algorithms are designed to learn from experience and adapt to new data, allowing them to improve their performance over time. PEP stock gets near-perfect or perfect scores across the board from Danelfin’s algos, making it the runaway top stock to watch for outperformance over the next few months. Consistently high readings for fundamental, technical and sentiment indicators inform PEP’s almost perfect score for projected outperformance.

Can AI be used for stock trading

According to Sam Masucci, founder and CEO of ETF Managers Group, powered by IBM’s artificial intelligence Watson, this actively managed portfolio is the first of its kind, which operates the fund. The AI-powered equity ETF, or AIEQ, consistently outperforms the S&P 500. If you‘re looking to build advanced stock trading AI, you won‘t be selling it to average consumers. It‘s like two computers playing each other at chess with one algorithm – it will average out to a tie game. Interested in knowing how artificial intelligence is used in stock trading?

Augmenting human stock-traders

Stock trading can be summarized as the buying of stock at a lower price and selling it at a higher price. Investing in stocks has now started to become a popular way to gain wealth exponentially over time. Artificial intelligence programs can help traders assess market sentiment by collecting news articles, social media posts, and other online activity to measure market sentiment and predict movements. Markets move according to a variety of factors, such as macroeconomic data, earnings reports, geopolitical issues, and interest rates, as well as market sentiment. Markets such as cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, and others offer a diverse range of tradeable assets that require systematic observation to identify profitable trading chances.

Currently, most of the regulators and regular stock market investors have moved in the direction of HFT and algo-trading. HFT is a category of algorithmic trading where vast volumes of stocks and shares are sold and bought mechanically at very high speeds. HFT tends to develop continuously and will become the most authoritative form of algorithmic trading in the future. Some AI-powered trading will be hidden within the proprietary software of the legendary hedge funds.

Enter ChatGPT

You could also consider using a different generative AI app that doesn’t have the same limitations as ChatGPT. The issue with news stories is that they involve a lengthier chunk of text than a headline or a tweet. A human-based analysis is accordingly more labor intensive when dissecting an entire news story.

All plans have access to automated technical analysis and all essential features. Backtesting/Strategy Tester – Similar to Trade Ideas, you can formulate an entire stock trading strategy and test them with historical data on the TrendSpider platform. I also found out that each AI robot’s Sharpe Ratio is less than 1.0, which is a suboptimal risk-reward ratio.


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